• Schools - We run 5 schools - Sewa Dham, Gopal Dham, Keshav Bal Niketan, Keshav Vidya Mandir.

  • Balwadi - We have 327 Balwadis in Delhi, where the basic purpose is to impart values in children. The Balwadi consists of classes from pre-school to class 8th.

  • Elders Education - Many adults (females and males) who could not study at an early age are being imparted with education that can help them in living their life in a better way. Most of the attendees in this group are above 40 years in age.

  • Youth Hostel - Students who are preparing for competitive exams are sheltered at Youth Hostels.

  • Others - Tuition Centers, Day care Centers, Bal Balika Sanskar.

Your contribution towards educational activities will help us to serve people in need.                                                                                                     



We run different educational service activities in slums across New Delhi. Register to become a Volunteer for educational activities.   

Volunteers rendering their services at Seva Basti centers are requested to log the volunteer hours.                                                                         

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“Be the light of hope in someone’s life”. With this approach, SewaBharti , a non-profit organization was established by ShriBalasahebDevras in the year 1979. SewaBharti, Delhi works among the economically weaker sections of Indian society, including tribal and indigenous communities, urban slum dwellers and resettlement colonies (SewaBastis).


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