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Memberships Programme

To initiate your journey with SewaBharti, one need to get the membership enrolled to reinforce the revolution and brought the positivity in the brains of deprived and underprivileged people of the society,  

Type of Membership


The person who can provide skill training to the people of Jhuggibastis to help them develops their foundational skills for at least 36 days in a year.

The person who can provide basic education by curating an unforgettable classroom experience for needy and deprived children of all ages under EACH ONE TEACH ONE objective.

The person who can do the marketing of the handmade products made by the people of slums and bastis to any commercial establishments.

The person who is skilled in any field and generate employment opportunities by training the people of dwelling areas to produce the goods using the raw material provided to them by you.

Any person of good integrity willing to donate in cash or kind shall be enrolled as a donor member of the society.

Any person willing to help or donate for the healthcare programme organized by SewaBharti.

About Us

“Be the light of hope in someone’s life”. With this approach, SewaBharti , a non-profit organization was established by ShriBalasahebDevras in the year 1979. SewaBharti, Delhi works among the economically weaker sections of Indian society, including tribal and indigenous communities, urban slum dwellers and resettlement colonies (SewaBastis).


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Sewa Kunj, 13, Bhai Veer Singh Marg, Gole Market, Delhi-110001

Tel: 011- 23345014/15, 8800093541

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